Bottle Share Basics

With thanks to Norwich Bottle Share for allowing us to crib the ‘bottle share basics’…

Q: What do I need to do to get involved in a bottle share?

A: One large (500ml+) or two smaller (330ml) bottles (or cans) of beer that you’re happy to share with the group. After the first event, we’ll begin to add the beers that we’ve drunk to this page so we can avoid duplications.

Q: Do I have to bring a rare or uber-craft beer?

A: It doesn’t have to be some kind of limited availability sour barrel aged crazy beer, but try to avoid bringing common supermarket beers like Brewdog Punk IPA and defintely nothing from Greene King.

Q: What’s the basic etiquette for bottle share events?

A: Don’t touch other people’s bottles, keep serving size small so as many people as possible can try each beer & make sure you bring a beer.

Q: Are bottle share events free?

A: We’re not going to charge you; you just have to bring a beer. You will need some cash to buy a pint or two in the Ale House as it’s only fair and polite.

Q: Can I bring others to the bottle share?

A: Only if they also bring a beer to share. We’re putting the effort into creating these social events and negotiating with venues to host them in so everyone needs to bring a beer to make it fair.

Q: Can I bring a couple of bottles of my homebrew instead of bringing shop bottles?

A: Hell yes, we encourage this! Again, reference point above, no Greene King clones.

Why not check out the virtual shelves of Ales By Mail for possible beers to bring, and thanks to the guys at the Beer O’clock Show, make sure to use the BOCS10 code for a discount at check out. It may be that in the future we put a group order in, but things like this are always up for discussion.


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