What is SX Bottle Share?

“Beer folk are good folk”

We hear that a lot. And it’s true. People that enjoy beer also enjoy talking about beer and more importantly enjoy sharing experiences with beer.

We know that there are a lot of good beer folk in the fair county of Essex that spend a lot of time drinking great beers at home.

SX Bottle Share is a way to bring these people together and to share great beers in a great location.

On the first Tuesday of the month The Ale House in Chelmsford will host the Essex Bottle Share. We’ll be there from about 6pm with a view to starting on the bottle from about 7pm.

Anyone is welcome to join us but before you come make sure to check out the ‘bottle share basics’ and also the bottle list page so that you’re not bringing something we’ve had before.

Follow us on Twitter @sxbottleshare for latest updates and news from events.